The tragedy of the commons is the title of an article written by Garret Hardin in 1968. Garret Hardin was a major ecologist who warned on the dangers of human overpopulation. Hardin based on that focus his research on issues such as abortion immigration and sociobiology. His idea of the tragedy of commons is aimed to the idea of sustainability. Setting of the theory is applied to a non-renewable land resource that eliminated by individuals who over-exploit the source to increase their profits. Basically , the Tragedy of Commons theory aimed to the environmental protection through the sustainable development.

This is a short video that explain briefly the concept of the Tragedy of Commons.

The Colorado River is located in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, the Colorado River is a 2,330-kilometer (1,450-mile) river with its headwaters in the Rocky Mountain National Park in north-central Colorado. The river is the primary source of water for a region that receives little annual rainfall.

The Colorado River rises in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and flows into Utah and Arizona.

The Colorado River rises in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and flows into Utah and Arizona.

About 25 million people are served by the approximately 1,400-mile Colorado River, the source of which is primarily snow melt from the Rocky Mountains. Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming as well as Mexico depend upon its waters. Though the river is tightly controlled, issues with water scarcity exist. In addition to a water supply, the river also generates hydroelectricity.

The Colorado River Basin offers a major renewable water supply in the southwestern United States. About two-thirds of the water flowing in the Colorado River and its tributaries is used for irrigation, and the other one-third supplies urban areas, evaporates into the atmosphere, or provides water to riparian vegetation. Without Colorado River water, the region would support few crops, and major cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona, would not have grown so rapidly. But today nearly 17 million people depend on the Colorado’s waters. The basin population has expanded dramatically in recent years, with most growth occurring in urban areas, where about 80 percent of the region’s residents live.



So there is an issue of environmental sustainability. The over-exploitation of the water of river will yield to a huge ecological disaster in the environment of the region. This will have a direct impact to the population a

Water Scarcity: Lake Mead on Colorado River

Water Scarcity: Lake Mead on Colorado River

nd the climatic change. In this situation Hardin’s theory of the commons is a good solution. The amount of water that every state deserve should be applied  with the use of stricter governmental regulations. Also another solution can be the run of a campaign fro

m ecological non-governmental organizations for the  environmental awareness of people of the region. Solutions like these will reduce the over-consumption of the water  and will provide better sustainability to the river and furthermore to the region.